Born in Milan in 1987, she attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. 

She began her career in the business and finance sector until one day, while taking the metro, she looked deep within herself and realized at that very moment that it was time to revolutionize her life. 

SteReal never put her passion for art in second place, and slowly matured a special passion for graffiti. The world surrounding graffiti is one based on interactions with different people, painting in the open air, and the possibility of improving rundown urban areas, and all these aspects naturally lead her to undertake the path towards the Street Art world. Her hyperrealistic works distinguish themselves from those of others because of their fusion with geometric images and segments. She then begins to collaborate with architectural firms and individuals, working on commision to create indoor murals.  

She currently collaborates with fashion and urban style brands to create trending art partnerships, and uses the SteReal logo.

Freeda incontra SteReal

“Una cosa che ho notato è che ho sempre gli occhi per aria, perché adesso per me ogni muro è una grandissima tela”.
Questo l’effetto che i muri fanno a SteReal, street artist, la protagonista di oggi del talk più cool del web: Light Talks about Style, intervistata dal nostro Tommaso Zorzi